Mantra : Chanting of Technology | Biratnagar

We at Innovative Ghar Nepal ( InG Nepal ) and Unified Space Artificial intelligence and Robotics Technology ( USART ) are glad to bring back “Mantra: Chanting of Technology”. “Mantra: Chanting of Technology” have succeeded previously in bringing together “digitally aware, socially responsible and environment loving” organizations, such as but not limited to; companies, entrepreneurs Read more about Mantra : Chanting of Technology | Biratnagar[…]


Mantra : Chanting of Technology

“Mantra : Chanting of Technology” – the collaborative idea initiated by the team from non-profitable / non-governmental organizations, InG Nepal and USART Nepal, to exhibit the concurrent impactful work by the companies / organizations with great team effort and willingness to create job opportunity envisioning Nepal as a tech hub. Mantra: Chanting of Technology          Read more about Mantra : Chanting of Technology[…]