March 24, 2020

InG Lab

Innovative Ghar Nepal Laboratory

It is established by Non-Profit Organization, Innovative Ghar Nepal in 2013. This laboratory stand for both Experimental and theoretical Physics, with full of young Physicist. Young Physicist are going with a new model of electron and photon in two steps. First, initially they are working on theoretical model of both electron and photon composition.

This Laboratory provide the space for theoretical and experiment physics, and support the researcher in related field. For the contribution of some new thing and knowledge in field of science and technology.

Academic and Industrial Research

Innovative Ghar Nepal is promoting and assisting to visualize the idea of each individual in the paper, through which one can share the ideas to everyone. The following are the categories and fields on which we are supporting or providing services.

Research and Research Paper

In this field, we assist the authors in publishing and shear their ideas with paper works, either the works or ideas for the industrial or academic field. Moreover, anyone can grasp this opportunity for scientific publication in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering, and others.

Thesis, Term Paper, and Project Work

We are also helping to assist the students who are seeking and need good guidance to complete their thesis and term paper, project work in a specific time in any field of Science and Technology. Moreover, it also assists to publish their thesis and term paperwork in a scientific publication, which helps the student to boost up in the research field. We assist and boost up the students according to their desire and interest in related fields, which help to share their ideas in a specific platform.

Book Writing

We are also providing good writers for academic and non-academic books, from school level to university level.

Past Work done by Young Physicist

Some theoretical and experimental work done by young physicist are listed below :

Paper uploading 

Current Project 

Young Physicist are currently working on theoretical model of electron composition and the interaction with photon and its composition. 


In this project physicist are working on the composition of electron i.e. electron is the composition of subelectronic particles. Subelectronic particles may be fermions, bosons, and mixture of other. Parallel they are also working on composition of single photon. This theoretical model is ended by 2021 and then particle on this model is started if all this going in good ways.