InG Think Tank

InG Think Tank is an independent research institute within InG Nepal. It performs research and advocacy concerning topics such as social policies, political strategy, economics, technology, media, and culture.

InG Think Tank publish articles, studies and even draft legislation on technical matters of the society. These information could be readily used by government, business, media, social movements or other interest groups as part of their goals.

Energy, Medical, Education, Artist, Media and Journalism, FBIs, Agriculture, NAST, and NARC.

Following are the respected members of InG Think Tank:


Space Apps COVID-19 Challenge

Registration Link: On May 30-31, NASA, along with the European Space Agency (ESA), the...

World Environment Day-June 5

“Improving Waste management and Promoting Research into Alternatives”   “If you can’t reuse it, refuse it”...

Mantra : Chanting of Technology

“Mantra : Chanting of Technology” – the collaborative idea initiated by the team from non-profitable...

2 Days 3D printing Workshop

In this age of technology, progress in science and technology is a daily process. Advent...