Medical Drone: Technology for Nepal

Innovative Ghar Nepal Started it’s Project for Medical Drone since 2014. After year a team was formed under the supervision of Mr. Bikrant Karki. Our team has done analysis of the geography of Nepal and the technology available within Nepal and around the globe, with the best tech available during the time and with the resources with us we finally made the Medrone-I.

We have successfully tested Prototype “Medrone-I”

Project Supported by: InG Nepal R&D team

Project duration: 2014-2017
Capacity: payload of 3 kg at normal condition and maximum of 5 kg.
Flight time: 15 min with pay load 3 kg.

Drone Specification:

Frame Size:
Frame Type:
Controller: RF:
Obstacle Detection:
video transmitter:

Cargo Box Detail:

Box type:
Box Size:
Box Volume:

Teams for “Medrone-I”

Bikrant Karki: Team Supervisor

A maker and an innovator with an electronics and communication engineering background Bikrant passionately believes that in today’s age, technology is at the forefront of driving any type of social change further. He hopes to utilize his technical experience to innovate and help society to solve local problem with local solution which can create global impact.

Ram Krishna Yadav: Team Coordinator

Mr. Ram is graduate from National Engineering College with Electronics and Communication engineering.

Pratik Rayamajhi : Simulation and 3d design

Mr. Pratik is graduate form Thapathali Engineering College with Industrial engineering Degree.

Richan Joshi: Concept Developer

Mr. Richan is a student in electronics and communication engineering studying in Banglore India.

Preparation of Medical Drone inside InG Headquarter Lalitpur, Kupondole
Mr.Joshi Working to trouble shoot
Mr.Ram and his team with National Artist Mr. Madan Shrestha and Kiran KC in Exposer even CAN Info Tech
Mr. Ram and his team giving interview to Nagarik News after successful flight during CAN Info Tech.

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