Mantra : Chanting of Technology | Biratnagar

We at Innovative Ghar Nepal ( InG Nepal ) and Unified Space Artificial intelligence and Robotics Technology ( USART ) are glad to bring back “Mantra: Chanting of Technology”.

“Mantra: Chanting of Technology” have succeeded previously in bringing together “digitally aware, socially responsible and environment loving” organizations, such as but not limited to; companies, entrepreneurs and professionals involved in various fields of technology, art, science, education, medical, product manufacturing, construction and design. Further details of the event that will showcase the latest technological developments
in above-mentioned categories can be found in the “concept note”. We would like you to make the most of this opportunity and become a part of a technological revolution that will spur the whole nation in the near future.

Event : Mantra: Chanting of Technology
Date : Poush 21st-22nd / 2074 [ January 5th-6th / 2017 ]
Venue : Gurukul , Biratnagar, Morang, Nepal
( Location map has been attached for your convenience)

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