Women In Tech(WITh)


“WITh” is a team of women for change from Innovative Ghar Nepal. It has been initiated with a vision of encouraging women in technical, arts, management, technology, social change and develop the leadership in them. It has been developing a platform for enthusiastic women to share their knowledge so that they can make a positive difference in their communities. WITh aims to  provide different workshops for the students, house wife and professionals to bring impact and change in the society. The team believes that the fastest way to change the society is to mobilize the women of the society.


Vision Statement of WITh:

When a women works together hand in hand they can change the world. Our mission is to empower, connect and support women in Nepal to advance their career in technology and engineering. 








Ms. Manisha Bhandari

Electronics and Communication Background

email: [email protected]